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2014 was a great year for us and our travelers of the mind. It saw the centenary celebration of the start of Shackelton’s epic Endurance trip. As a company we shared the DVD story with many in the original lecture theater at UCT where the physicist R.W. James on the Endurance became the professor of Physics.

Our third Bhutan Spring tour was highly enjoyable with a very convivial group. As a result we will undertake another one in April 2016 which will be our last one.

Rodney Trudgeon of Fine Music Radio led our group on the Russian Music Cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow in September – this was a huge success and the chances of us repeating it in Sep 2016 are very strong.

We are in addition to music cruises adding garden trips to our collection. David Davidson took our first garden cruise around the British Isles where the weather was miraculously superb. In 2015 he will escort us to Chelsea and nine wonderful gardens in Kent and the Cotswolds.

Many thanks to all our intrepid travelers whose lives we have hopefully enriched.
Please join us for another unique journey of which you will find many choices below.

Our best wishes for 2015

Hans & Leo van Heukelum